Naturey Crap

Let me just go ahead and say it: I like naturey crap. Everyone does. You just have to check Flickr’s Explore to see awesome HDR’d flower macros with some ugly insects and a sunset. Trust me, it’s there, I’m just trying to keep you from hurting your eyes, that’s all. I shot some naturey crap recently, and it made me realize how much fun it is to just shoot some grass.

Tuesday Naturey Crap

I’m mostly talking about grass, to be honest. It’s the synonym for naturey crap, at least for me. A lone tree from time to time doesn’t hurt too, the loner the better.

tuesday naturey crap

That’s the kind of nature I like. I hate the other kind, to tell you the truth. Looking at Explore hurts my eyes, because some flower macros really bores me. But that’s just me, I need spectacular depth of field together with my naturey crap. Get close, open up the aperture, no, not to 4.0, all the way, and shoot some crap. It’s seriously awesome, and quite rewarding too, when you managed to get that one blade of grass in focus.

friday naturey crap

Of course throwing in a couple of mountains doesn’t hurt either, right?

friday naturey crap

Canada has an insane amount of naturey crap. It’s mind-boggling really. I went buck wild with all my cameras over there. Because how can you not? Look to your left, mountains covered in naturey crap. To your right, a moose hiding behind naturey crap. Right in front of you, a giant field of grass, canola or wheat with a barn somewhere in it. Boom, amazing!

thursday naturey crap

Have you shot some naturey crap lately? I think you should, before winter gets here and takes it all away. Then you’ll have to wait until spring before you can take a fresh picture of crap in nature. Unless of course, you’re living down under. Those guys have all the naturey crap you can think of ahead of them. I’m not jealous, no, not at all.

Forgive me for this cliché sunset shot, it was just so meant to be. It’s not HDR if that’s any consolation.

Thursday Naturey Crap

Naturey crap is what I love about being somewhere in the country. There’s just an abundance of it. I’m pretty convinced Mari’s first words will either include naturey or crap, maybe even both.