Lunch Break at Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport









As I’m working from home now most of the time, I’ve made it my new personal regiment to head out on a bike ride for lunch instead of eating. Served me well that it’s been very summer-y all week long so far.

Just the other day, on my first 20km round through Berlin, I passed the old inner city airport Tempelhof, one of Hitler’s finest, if you will. As I was already running late I postponed a visit for another day, and that day turned out to be today.

The airport was closed down some two years ago, and has since been turned into a public park of epic proportions. Airstrips, runways and all roads on the field are available to the general public. Riding around that area on a bike is incredible. Amidst all the talk to turn it into a commercial ground, I’m now glad it turned out the way it did, and that the city is committed to investing more in it.

Obviously I couldn’t pass the chance to bring a camera, so Polaroid 355 loaded with expired Polaroid 664 film it was. If you’re in Berlin and feel like being out and about for a bit, Tempelhof is pretty great. Of course you should be on the lookout for a tour through the buildings, which are actually the masterpieces of this airport.


Roid Week Aftermath

Okay, so it’s been a while since Roid Week, but somehow I haven’t been in the mood to blog. Let’s remedy that, shall we?

It was incredibly fun. I shot four films I haven’t used before, and I shot a lot of it, as you can see.

Roid Week Extravaganza

It looks like a lot, but granted, there’s still an enormous amount of Polaroid film in our fridge, and whil I’m a bit careful with not wasting any, there’s no reason letting it go to waste. Plus, there’s no such thing as a ruined Polaroid, right?

So, seeing all those photos, there must be some leftovers. There sure are. That’s why I’m declaring this week Roid Rejects Week. A week filled with all the good stuff that didn’t make it into Roid Week. Someone suggested opening a group on Flickr, but for me it’s really just about the spirit. Come join me, will ya? Let’s see what we have for a start.

Artistic East-German Building

Good Morning

Yep, that’ll work.

To sum up, I found two really nice new films, the 669 and the 779, luckily I just stocked up on both.

Australia Came To Germany

Our good friends Danielle and Jürgen from Sydney recently moved to Germany, they’re two of the four people who attended our tiny wedding ceremony. Since J has a lot more time now we went out with the train to visit them. Well actually just Danielle, since Jürgen has to work. I know, but someone has to. Which brings back the thought that I spent more time on the train in the last five week than all of last year. I’m not sure weather I should be proud of that or not.

Australia Came To Germany

Anyway, we had a nice day, even though Magdeburg unsurprisingly has a small-town flair to it.

A Year Of Flickr Moments

A Year Of Flickr Moments

2008 has been a great year, in so many ways. We got married in Sydney, eloping both parents and friends. They were a little mad of course, but not that much.

But even better, we travelled around quite a bit, and met so many awesome people. All through the magic that is Flickr. They have been nothing but nice to us, and I would recommend each and everyone of them as a must-meet on your next world tour.

Friends, we can’t thank you enough for having us in your home, for guiding us around your hometown, or for generally agreeing to meet up with us. It was great meeting you all.

A Waffle for Sølve

Sølve is a real hoot. When we met him last year we made so much fun of Flickr, I think he was even surprised that we’re capable of making fun of it in the first place.

He always said he wanted to take half a cup of coffee, and half a plate with whatnot on it. So I snapped some Polaroids in his honor, and this is my favorite, since it also reminds me of the beautiful day we had out and about Bergen. Taking lots of photos, enjoying the sun and the crisp air.

Tribute to Sølve II

We also learned that Sølve is rather fond of oil platforms. We saw one on the way, sitting quietly in a wharf, and he was this close to stopping and just staring at it. He went really slow on an open road just to gawk at it. Really an impressive sight though.

In other news, Jen Altman opened her holiday shop today. I just had to get me the Polaroid calendar.