Mamiya Adventures






While the Mamiya C33 is not a camera that you carry around lightly, because, well, it’s not light at all, I like to use it very much. It is incredibly sharp when you get the focus right, and the blur is wonderfully soft, and the bellows allow focussing up to only a few centimeters away from the lens. So I get it out from time to time to shoot a roll of film at home. Because, why the hell not?

The roll is already a bit older, because I’m a lazy bum who’s way behind with scanning film. The late summer we had in September was most excellent, and so was our little trip to London. Photos and a coffee coming up.


4 thoughts on “Mamiya Adventures

  1. dude, that C33 is incredible — i often think i should’ve bought that instead of the hasselblad! i love these photos. literally.

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