Coffee Collective in Copenhagen

Copenhagen II

Copenhagen II

Copenhagen II

Copenhagen II

Copenhagen II

Copenhagen II

I’ve had their coffee quite a few times before, courtesy of The Barn in Berlin, but I finally had an opportunity to visit their mothership. I was only in Copenhagen for two days for a conference, but the venue thankfully was conveniently close to the, back then, only Coffee Collective shop/roastery, where Klaus Thomsen himself is standing at the roaster, roasting away, producing some of the best coffee beans in all of Europe. Their Panama La Esmeralda is just outstanding, hands down, one of my favorite coffees of all time.

Coffee Collective is in my current European top three, which is basically a tie between Square Mile, Tim Wendelboe and them. They just opened a new shop in Copenhagen, but this is still their roastery, and a must-visit location if you’re a coffee connoisseur visiting Copenhagen.

It’s a nice little shop, where you wait for your coffee standing right next to the roaster. Of course you can buy their excellent coffee beans as well. I’d recommend getting their tasting package for a starters. A pretty good price for four bags of coffee.

In their shop they make a mean AeroPress, definitely a must have for the filtered coffee admirer.


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