Artisan Roast – Edinburgh Coffee Excellence






Two years ago I went to Edinburgh for a conference, coming back to Mari being born. Thankfully this year, I went again, well knowing that I’m not due for a surprise like that.

This time though, I did my homework, looking up the relevant coffee shops beforehand. The one that definitely stands out is Artisan Roast, being the only coffee roaster in town, famous for the barista’s mustaches at the same time.

Of course it was the first shop we went to just after arriving, with it handily being just around the corner from our apartment. It lived up to all the hype for sure. Excellent coffee and great mustaches too.

The shop itself is surprisingly unconventional, but comfy and handsome nonetheless. I ordered a bunch of coffees in a cafetiere, which is just the fancy name for a french press. Personally, I prefer the name plunger, but whatever, the association with a toilet utility tends to repel people.

Anyhoo, Artisan certainly is your must-see coffee shop when you’re in Edinburgh. It’s certainly not the only one, but the fact that they’re roasting and serving excellent coffee makes them somewhat unique in Edinburgh.


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