Coffee Time at The Barn









The other day J needed some time to herself, so I took Mari, her stroller and went to visit my favorite coffee spot in Berlin, The Barn. Even though I do loathe New Year’s resolutions, I told myself I needed to take more photos again in the new year, so I took the Pentacon Six with me.

Had the pleasure of a good cup of Coffee Collective’s La Esmeralda from the Hario dripper, followed by a cup of Tim Wendelboe’s Tekangu, a delicious Kenya coffee, from the AeroPress. Of course that was also the day I treated myself to the woodneck, which is currently in heavy use. It’s a simple beauty, and the coffee is delicious.

In other coffee nerd news, the coffee geniuses at Coava in Portland came up with the funnel, a new full immersion brewing system, looks a treat too, like a tiny chemical lab at home. Also, J pointed me towards this beauty, the Clive Drip Stand, a beauty, though slightly expensive, but all made by hand. Some day…


16 thoughts on “Coffee Time at The Barn

  1. What a great post, Matt! So much to say …
    First: oh, Mari. Second: such great shots! That last one is especially wonderful. Third: I’ve been thinking about the Pentacon Six a lot lately. Fourth: I’ve also been thinking about a woodneck a lot lately.

  2. I’ve been kicking myself that the one time I was near the Barn, a few months ago, I went in and totally forgot that what makes the place special is that they offer drip coffee. I got a pretty good flat white IIRC and missed the drip. Next time. How do you order the drip coffee in German?

  3. tara: Your coffee geek husband is most welcome!

    Brian: Let me know if I should keep an eye out for you. They’re actually quite reasonably priced in good ol’ Germany. And you should treat yourself to a woodneck. Currently even prefer it over the drip filter.

    Astrid, claire: thanks, gals! coffee and photo, good start for the new year.

    Patrick: Most of their barista are actually from all over the planet, so you shouldn’t have any problems.

  4. some very nice shots…these really make you want to grab a coffee.

    and although i’m really late here: happy new year mathias! i wish you all the best and i hope that you keep your new year’s resolution of taking more pictures.

  5. Hi, Mathias. I enjoy your blog from Japan. I love both photography and coffee, so this entry is really lovely. I have been making myself coffee only at home, not visiting any local cafes, but the photos make me want to after a while:)

  6. These are great photos. Love the colors! Is this from a holga? what type film did you use? You certainly know how to take pics.

  7. Yes, much better actually, and not as outrageously expensive, plus they have much better coffee beans at The Barn. As my last visit to No Fire, No Glory was rather disappointing in both their prices and the coffee itself, I steer clear of it these days.

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