Some Random Numbers From September

JSConf.EU 2010

In September I

  • Shot two conferences, blog post forthcoming
  • Took about 3800 digital photos at both of them
  • Shot several rolls of black and white film at both (which I have yet to scan)
  • Put the Diana+ to the only good use I can think of, to shoot a roll of pinhole film at the second conference
  • Had the pleasure of shooting the second conference with a Nikon D3s, a frickin awesome machine, blog post to follow
  • Shot the second conference at ISO 1250 (because I can)
  • Managed to squeeze in three weeks to build an iPad application for a client, thus having an excuse to get my hands on an iPad (guess what I’m typing this on)
  • Got so many coffee beans (even outside my swap) that I could drink 10 espressos a day and still last weeks.
  • Had a long weekend with just me and Mari (another one going on right now)

Phew. Quite a lot if you ask me. Unfortunately I didn’t get around to taking too many pictures apart from the ~4000 conference shots. Who knows what October has in stock? One thing’s for sure, I’ll be traveling to Aarhus/Denmark and Amsterdam for conferences. Should be fun!