Potsdam Sanssouci






The Rough Guide for Berlin lists Potsdam Sanssouci as the number one place to go in Berlin. The irony is that it’s not in Berlin. It’s not far, just outside of Berlin, in Potsdam, but still. I find that pretty hilarious. But the Rough Guide doesn’t lie, Sanssouci, and Potsdam in general, is a nice place to go.

When Brian came to visit us, we took him there on a Sunday that started out a bit rainy, but turned out to be a beautiful and warm pre-summer day, with a grand finale of a thunderstorm moving through the city. We just like taking visitors there, because it’s just such a beautiful and impressive place to walk around. The king went all out in Sanssouci, that’s for sure.

If you’re in the area, definitely pay a visit, you won’t regret it. Potsdam is a pretty little city and easy to reach on the train from Berlin, a mere half hour from the city. Potsdam does have one downside though, it’s hard to get your hands on decent coffee. But I’m willing to put up with that for one day every now and then.


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