Polaroid ID-UV

A while ago Chinako sent me two packs of Polaroid’s rather weird ID-UV film. I’ll forever be grateful. I had the film lying around in my fridge for quite a while until last weekend, when I finally decided to give it a go. Timing was perfect. There was supposed to be sun, and we were going out to the country to visit J’s parents. We left Mari with them and took a nice bike ride around, looking for canola fields, because really, that’s where it’s at this time of the year.


I only took six shots, because let’s face it, I only have 20 altogether. Originally it was supposed to be used for mug shots for ID cards, leaving a signature on the shot that’s only visible in ultraviolet light. Duh, ID-UV!


The colors are really oddly off, and they sort of made me realize how much I like a good, saturated color film (Fuji FP100C for example). I do however enjoy some quirkiness from time to time, and the Polaroid 669, 690 and ID-UV family is as close as I’ll get to off colors. It’s not a secret that expired oddities such as Artistic TZ film cause projectile vomiting on my part.


As always, it truly shines when there’s blue sky involved, but it also makes for a great contrast on clouds. If you can still get a pack, go for it. If not, what are you gonna do?


Annie’s Donuts

Before we went to Portland, the only donuts I’ve had were from Dunkin Donuts. I think it’s safe to say that I’ll never have those again. Forever have I been spoiled by the donut awesomeness that is Annie’s Donuts.

Not only is it the most awesomest donut shop you could imagine, being old school and all, with a giant sign outside, you meet the best people in there. Okay, I lied, we met the awesome people before we headed to Annie’s, but really, we’d gotten to know Annie first hand through them, without even being there.

Did that just blow your mind? It should, it’s the magic of the interwebs. Our first visual visit to Annie’s was through these two photos, and seriously, how could the best donut in town, a story told be a walking donut, not be any indication that one day you just have to go there?

We had so much fun at Annie’s. The first time we went there, all of us (well, the grown-ups at least) got a headache. I want to take that as a good sign, because the donuts were insanely good. I went to Voodoo Doughnut after, and even though their donuts are oh so creative, and the dudes are punkrock, they’re just no match for the ones at Annie’s. So believe me when I say, we spent some quality time of our trip to Portland at Annie’s.

Seriously, if you’re in Portland, and you’re not going there, you’re missing out. It’d be almost like not going to the Grilled Cheese Grill. Wait, you haven’t been there either? Granted, it’s sort of weird that donuts are a Portland thing, but at least they’re awesome, right?