Back From San Francisco

As you’ve probably realised by now, at least judging from increased activity on my Flickr and Twitter streams, we’re back from our trip to San Francisco and Portland.

International Orange

We obviously had a blast, met good people, and made new friends, all with unusually excellent weather. Mari has a lot of stories to tell for her first weeks at kindergarten. There was lots of coffee, there were donuts, and obviously lots of film. I still have some 25 rolls of film to scan, 16 alone from the Holga. Ugh. But what are you gonna do?

Blue Bottle

Expect some San Francisco and Portland related posts in the coming weeks.


1 thought on “Back From San Francisco

  1. HI! Just found your work on and of course wanted to check out your site..If you get a chance, I just started a new blog for anyone to submit there holga work…Randy @ is also linking me to his site..Would love to have you share some of your terrific Holga work…
    you can send work to and visit the site at…I also have work at JPGMAG and so you know I am not a flake!
    Thanks for sharing your work and your interests..
    my best, Diane

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