The Playground Diaries Part V

29 weeks

Wait, the diaries on Monday? Yep, for good reason. After Mari go sick the weekend before last weekend, sadly last Thursday it was J’s turn. So I stayed in on Friday, and took care of my girls and the household most of the weekend. So this will be the diary entry for the week, as I’m gonna skip this Wednesday because I have to prepare a talk for a conference on Thursday.

While a long weekend might sound like fun it wasn’t exactly. It’s hard to get any idea how much effort it is to take care of the household unless you actually do it. I had that pleasure last weekend, and my word, it is a lot of work. You don’t hear me complaining though. It was an experience. Of course I caught a weekend where Mari still suffered a bit from the aftermath of her infection, and pretty much pooped around the clock. But that just on a side note.

Anyway, there’s not too much to tell. There hasn’t been much time for anything else really, I managed to do some writing code, and I even managed to shoot some film on World Toy Camera Day. Finally a good opportunity to stuff some Ilford 3200 in my Holga and shoot a roll indoors.

Speaking of World Toy Camera Day, you should check out this video of a guy building a TLR out of nothing but cardboard.

And yes, that’s a digital photo. Weather and light was shit all weekend, what’s a photographer to do?


1 thought on “The Playground Diaries Part V

  1. good lord she is gorgeous. yes poop – i feel like my life has been revolving around poop for the last five years sigh not complaining though! okay, maybe a little.

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