He Was A Skater Boy

germina_speeder.jpgI like reliving my youth, because who doesn’t? That youth involved skateboarding. Even in East-Germany I owned a rather funky-looking (by today’s standards anyway) skateboard that was manufactured by a company usually building machines for chocolate production. It had a nice and simple set of things not to do on the downside of the deck, so luckily you didn’t have to look at them while on the road.

Obviously I never made it to become a pro or anything near that, but it was still good fun, and that skateboard was quite dear to me.


Now, Berlin has a pretty big skater scene, there’s an indoor skate park not far from our apartment, and there’s the Mellow Park, probably one of the biggest outdoor skate parks in Berlin. They also have a nice dirt track and some other things you’d expect from a place like that.


Every year they’re throwing the Mellow Jam, a weekend full of skating, moto-crossing and bmx-riding. Obviously there’s also beer and partying involved, at least so I’ve heard. Friends of ours work there and they invited us to drop by. Of course we went on the day where most of the action had already been done the days before, but it was still an excellent day out in the sun, near the water, watching some skaters, and meeting friends. Good enough for me.



If Mari comes to me asking for a skateboard or something similar, I sure as hell won’t say no.


I’m longingly looking back to these days when the sun was shining, and it was more than 20 degrees outside. I spent all day inside today, mostly because J is sick, having caught what I had two weeks ago, and Mari had last weekend. This weekend is supposed to be grey, rainy and not more than 5 degrees. Winter came here early, and it sucks. Not a great weather for World Toy Camera Day, which is tomorrow in case you forgot. Maybe I’ll do some indoor shooting with the Holga and a flash.

Have a great weekend, friends.


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