Mamiya C33


Self with Mamiya C33

My Yashica Mat 124G has been broken since the day I got it. I admit not having read the ebay description correctly, but it still worked to a certain degree. The lighting meter has failed me over the last six months quite a lot, and some of the camera’s pieces would need some repair beyond my skills. So I looked for an alternative.

Sure, there’s Rolleiflex cameras, and they’re awesome and really good-looking and all that, but they can be (read: they are) quite expensive, and the cost didn’t really justify the means. The cheapest one I could find in a shop started at 300 EUR. Out of the question for me since I like to keep my camera collection on the cheap.

The other alternative seemed to be Mamiya’s range of TLR cameras. Jen Sophik shoots with a Mamiya C3, and that was good enough to convince me to look for either a C3, a C33 or a C330. They only have minor differences. Obviously the C330 is the king of the crop, as it seems to be able to use 220 film, and it’s a whopping 340 grams lighter then the C33. Did I mention they’re the only TLR cameras with interchangeable lenses? I know, right? What it doesn’t have is a built-in lighting meter, but I can live with that. Its awesomeness definitely outweighs the loss.

Still, on Germany’s election night I scored a C33 in excellent condition for a great price. It’s a real beast, and with two kilos quite a heavy one, but I can live with that. It uses bellows instead of just pushing the lenses out from the body like other TLRs do, so you can get up close, really close.

I stuffed a roll of Efke 100 black and white film in it to give it a go. While that’s arguably not a great film for shooting indoors, it gave me an idea how the camera works. Turns out, it works like a charm.

In other news, The Impossible Project just announced that Polaroid decided to start making cameras again, reviving some of their classic models. Awesome news to wake up to, no doubt.


8 thoughts on “Mamiya C33

  1. Hey Mister Matt!

    First. Yeah. Great Impossible Project news!

    Second. Yeah to Mamiya! | But I still love my Rolleiflex! (But I have to admit that they are overpriced. But I’ve been a very very lucky guy. The price/performance-ratio for my rolleiflex was so unbeatable good that almost everybody would have bought it.)

    When you say “really close”. How close is it?
    (‘Cos sometimes the lack of close up is very annoying with my Rollei!)

    Two kilos weight. I think it’s great. Sometimes it feels really good to carry such a massive camera.
    But I think you already know that. What’s her name? Brick?! Well,… there you go πŸ™‚

  2. these shots are all quite beautiful for a film that wouldn’t be your first indoor choice! yay new camera! or yay new beast of a camera!! πŸ™‚ can’t wait to see all the marvelous pics you take with it!

  3. Although I’ve never been a major Polaroid fan, that is heart-warming news.

    Also, BRAVO on move to Mamiya. I’ve been shooting with a monster of at 645e a lot this Summer and Fall and I really believe they’re great cameras. But you know that already. This test roll is beautiful.

  4. these shots look really great. i’d love to get an 80mm for my camera. You will love her so. Looking forward to seeing you play around with double exposures!

  5. I just got a mamiya c33 as well (for christmas) and developed my first film ever! So exciting, but i have so much to learn. Looking forward to seeing more of your photos from this camera as well. Quick question if you don’t mind answering, what film would you recommend shooting indoors with? Those were taken with 100 black and white film as well.. can’t remember which one as my hubby picked it up, the selection at our local Henry’s was minimal.

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