Holga Wallpaper

Don’t you just love the focussing symbols on the Holga’s lens? I sure do. In fact, I love their simplicity so much, I used them in a recent presentation. I didn’t find a really reasonable base to work with, so I used one that was close enough to what I wanted, one that Greg Lawler made to offer t-shirts. You should totally buy one.

I didn’t stop there, but made a very simple wallpaper out of it, so I thought I’d spread the joy.

Screen shot 2009-09-28 at 21.07.37

It’s a really simple one, but I like simple wallpapers that don’t distract too much. So here you go. The resolution is 1920×1200 but you can stretch or scale it up and down however you want, I’m sure. Should you need a different resolution, let me know. Credits to Greg for making the turning the figures into something I could use.

Enjoy! Who said I’m not crafty, eh?


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