So What Does This Mean?

It seems I can now call myself something of a published photographer. Kind of a scary though, if you ask me, but what are you gonna do. Some of my Holga shots have seen the public face over the weekend, and I’m a bit excited about it.

But where to start. The German weekly news magazine “Der Spiegel” also runs a well-visited website “Spiegel Online.” They’re running an ongoing series of articles on analog photography, and called for submissions of all kinds of lo-fi photos. So I took my chances and submitted two Holga shots from last year’s trip to Canada, and what do you know, they published them along with an article on the history of the Holga. It’s all in German, so sorry to you English speakers. You can still check out the gallery though. There’s some really good stuff in there, I especially like all the double exposures.

Not only did they publish it, they put Lori and her yellow boots on their front page. You can [still see it( when you scroll down, but yesterday it was in the top part of the page, here’s proof (click screenshot for full page capture).


Friends of mine just finished another issue of their magazine “rausch”, and they were looking for photos themed “dare.” I had just the photo for them, taken last year in Bergen, featuring my good friend Astrid. Of course this was more of a helping friends thing, but still. Nice to see the photo printed in the middle of a magazine people can buy at the newsstand.


I’m still not sure what all this means, but maybe I’ll figure it out one day. Good start for the new week anyway, if you ask me. Hope you have a great one.


8 thoughts on “So What Does This Mean?

  1. Hi Mathias,
    congratulations on having your work published on Spiegel Online! The article was based on an interview with our founder TM Lee, and we had an English translation done for him this morning, which we would be happy to share with you if you would send me your e-mail address.
    Best regards,

  2. Nice job, Matt! My three years of German way back in junior high/high school weren’t enough to get me through the article, but I looked at the photos and they’re great! Congrats! Rausch looks like a lovely magazine as well.

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