News Quickie

Do people still use the word quickie? No idea, anyway, I do.

As a Holga fan I’m sure you’ve noticed a dip in the Holga matrix just recently. That’s because the Holga manufacturer has unleashed no less than two accessory lenses upon the mind-blown toy camera photographer world. A wide-angle and a tele lens, sweet stuff. I immediately ordered mine, since they were available on ebay on the day of the announcement. The awesome peeps over at the Holgablog got all the inside scoop, so head on over there and read all about them. If you want to buy some, search ebay for “holga tele lens” and “holga wide lens”, and you’re golden. They’re frickin cheap too.


In case you missed it, a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that Fuji would discontinue its Fuji Pro 800Z film, updating the post that Fuji may have changed their minds. I’m happy to say that they apparently did, and that this awesome film is here to stay. It’s my favorite 800 speed film, and I don’t mind that I now have three five-packs in my fridge. It’s a good film to have at the ready, and it’s just perfect for shooting in slightly lower light during winter.

If you haven’t tried the film, you really should. It’s a nice fit for the Holga in lower light, though it even works during the day when you’re not shooting right into the sun. I can’t blame you for trying, since one should just shoot into the sun from time to time, but you probably wouldn’t be all too happy.

Also, let me just go ahead and recommend Four Corner Store, my new favorite dealer for expired film, and toy cameras for that matter. But the last order I did was just film, a whole big box full of it. So much looking forward to stuffing all my cameras with all kinds of different film, some of it expired back in 1993.


A whole lotta good news, eh?


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