The Holga 135 Black Corner Fiasco

Last year I ordered two Holgas on ebay. Nicely delivered from Hong Kong, for reasonable prices. Not as unreasonable as say Lomography. One of them was the 35mm camera Holga 135BC. I’ve only shot a couple of rolls with it, and after the last roll I realized: for good reason.


We just can’t seem to get along. I left it unused for about a year before I decided to stuff a fresh roll in there. I’m quite glad I only used the cheapest film I had, because the results, well, I’m not exactly happy. I know I’m supposed to embrace random results, but these are all out-of-focus results, consistently, and I’m not embracing them. What I did manage to do with it though, is to finish the whole roll on my way to work. Quite lomo, eh?


I don’t know what it is, maybe the focus is broken, or the shutter is too long, other people seem to get great results from theirs. Maybe that’s what you get for not buying from Lomography? I don’t know. I’m quite happy with Big Holga, and I have the Olympus XA and the Lomo LCA to keep me happy in the 35mm area.

Speaking of which, if you’re lusting after expired film, check out the Four Corner Store. I’ll order a nice stash from them today.

I guess that was my last roll in the Holga 135BC. I’m all for experimenting, but it just doesn’t seem to play along. Now I know for sure. If someone has an idea what could be the problem, let’s here it. Otherwise I’ll just leave it be.


6 thoughts on “The Holga 135 Black Corner Fiasco

  1. Those are a helluva lot better than what I just brought home. It does seem like the original Holga produces (relatively) better photos. Or at least isn’t as finnicky about focusing.

  2. I need another 135 for parts to do a mod to my current 135. Still interested in getting rid of yours? If so, how much? Obviously, I’m looking for a better deal than I can get on evil bay, especially since my experiments might now work and I might end up with two dead ones rather than one good one.

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