Yep, that’s how old I am now. Nothing special about, I’m not even sure why it’s worth blogging about, but why not? I’m usually not one for fancy parties, hence I don’t throw any on my birthday. I usually just have some friends over for a beer or two, and that’s it.

What’s special about this birthday is a) the lack of presents (which is a good thing), J gave me something really special, illustrations she painted herself, although if you think about it, she already gave me the best pressie ever a couple of months earlier, and b) the fact that I stayed off sweet stuff the three weeks up to my birthday.


Now, you’d expect that on Friday at around 10 am, I was already back in bed high on sugar. Quite the opposite. I hadn’t even had breakfast until 12:30 pm, but that called for the one and only Burg’s French Toast. In case you’re wondering, I did also have a cupcake later in the day. But after staying off them for three weeks you realize how sweet they actually are.

I’m also not someone that sets goals he has to accomplish before turning XX, but it seems that this year I had one implicit goal, which is to collect as many cameras as possible. I think it’s safe to say that I succeeded. Two days before my birthday I even got a reasonably good deal on an original Lomo LCA, with Russian manual and everything. Not the overpriced Chinese remakes the Lomographic Society is selling. A couple of months back I already let a good opportunity to get one pass, so this was it. The list of cameras that accumulated in our cabinet will surely be published in another post, but suffice it to say that I did not buy anything expensive. I like cheap cameras, and I like what they’re capable off despite being cheap.

So yeah, that’s all I really have to say about the birthday affair. Today is another birthday, today marks J and my 10th anniversary. We didn’t celebrate the occasion in any special manner, we spent the day outside, being tourists in Berlin, which is a nice thing to do from time to time. And I tried my best to fulfill my duties as a father. I also almost threw my back out while playing inline hockey. Totally worth it though, because we won.


A Day In The Country

Last weekend we took the train out of Berlin to see J’s family. There was a birthday party, and we spent a whole day out there. Obviously this was the first time ever Mari took the train out of Berlin, just in case you were wondering.

Anyways, the day started out grayish, but luckily turned into a really nice scorcher. After the festivities we walked to J’s uncle and aunties garden to relax a bit, and of course to take endless pictures of the horse and ponies close by. Their garden just screamed for a photo session. It’s full of fruit, vegetables, even a pond with snakes and frogs. Enough of the talk, let’s see some pictures.

Naturey Crap II
Naturey Crap I
The Shed
Yum, yum

For Mari’s sake I’m quite happy that we have family not too far outside the city where she can spend time away from the noise and the rushing of the big city, out in nature, learn sailing, wandering around the woods with her grandparents, obviously bringing a camera at some point. For now she settled with a diaper change in the garden. Good enough.

Me, I’m big city folk now, after living in Berlin for 25 years. But before that I lived in the countryside, and I can attest that it’s nice to be there from time to time. Having lived there even longer, J would pretty much say the same.

Speaking of J.


The best part? It’s already Thursday, and there’s another weekend coming up!

Polaroid Note Cards

You remember the “For The Love Of Light” project, right? Of course you do, how could you not? It launched almost exactly a year ago.

Well, things have been happening, and Jenifer has teamed up with Chronicle Books to bring you a beautiful set of note cards featuring 20 of the Polaroids included in the original book. How about that? It includes one Polaroid from yours truly.

(Photo: Jenifer Altman)

You can pre-order the cards now, and they’ll be available by the end of July. Awesome! Can’t wait to hold them in my hands.

In other news, summer has somehow made it to Berlin, and a nice week is ahead. Hope your weekend was grand!