We recently discovered a nice cafe right in the center of Berlin. Usually we tend to stay away from that area, because it’s full of insanely hip people and tourists. But this one is a keeper. It’s called Oliv, it has a very nice interior, and they serve excellent coffee. Obviously the light is perfect for Polaroids. What more could you wish for?

Obviously, they also serve flat white (picture below), the perfect combination of just enough milk to not ruin the taste of the coffee, and a double shot of espresso. I like seeing the Australian/New Zealand culture of the flat white on the rise in Berlin, it’s A Good Thing™.



If you’re in Berlin, like decent coffee in a nice atmosphere, the Oliv is highly recommended. J also took some Polaroids for your viewing pleasure.


6 thoughts on “Oliv

  1. Will definitely try this place out next time I’m in Berlin. Also recommended for photo-taking is St. Oberholz at Rosenthalerplatz. Yes, it’s overrun by tourists and hipsters, but it’s so awesome you can forgive it. Daytime light is gorgeous, but also check it out at night – great, dim, contrasty light. Also, love the blog. Found you via sweetamandine.

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