Office Decoration

For our new office, we wanted to have something artsy on our wall, so the office doesn’t look too boring. Understandable, right? The others were keen to pick out some of my photos to go up on the wall, so we went through most of the shots from last year’s trip to Canada and NYC.

The results were in after a while, the clear winner was Coney Island, caught on Fuji Velvia 100F film, shot with the Holga. I love these shots a lot, and I don’t mind seeing them every day on our wall. They’re printed on canvas, and even though the conversion to CMYK reduced the saturation quite a bit, they still look pretty close to the original. If only digital printing wouldn’t turn the vignette into some magenta-to-black gradient. Oh well, can’t have everything. They still look nice.

Coney Island in our office

They also made me rethink if I should sell prints somewhere. Who knows? What we still need in the office is an inspiration wire, obviously.


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