Depeche Mode – In The Prime Of My Youth

That’s right. Depeche Mode. The one band I’ve been stuck with for more than 20 years now. My sister got her first tape in East-Germany, an album with their greatest hits from around 1981 to 1986. That was my first contact with Depeche Mode, and I still like their music from back then. Crazy huh?

Last week we went to see them at Berlin’s Olympic Stadium, together with 60,000 other people. Yep, that’s a lot of people. It’s gotta be the biggest concert I’ve been to. Except for the supporting bands the show was awesome. I do prefer the show from three years ago, but it still was good to be there.

We were reasonably close to the stage, only being annoyed by people desperately trying to get a photo or record video. Pro tip for you guys: Turn off the flash when you want to shoot a stage that’s 50 meters away.

I only took one awful photo during the show, just to post it on Twitter. The other photos I took were of the awesome Olympic Stadium. My word, it’s awesome. It sure has a controversial history, but when you stand out- or inside of it, it sure looks quite impressive. I only had my iPhone with me, but here’s a preview.


We’re sure to go back soon for a detailed photo tour. Luckily they’re open all week when no show or game is on, hoping for awesome clouds like these.



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