It’s Roid Week!

The one event in spring and autumn to look forward to the most? Why, Roid Week of course! Get out your cameras, jam some film in there, go out and shoot. It’s not about worrying too much about wasting film, it’s about shooting with all you’ve got, and having fun with it.

I started out with three films I’ve never shot with, including the most awesome 779, the Artistic TZ and some 600 b&w film that’s been expired for more than six years. I can’t speak too highly for the latter, but it was still fun to finally take them out for a spin. They’re not something I’d use more often though. The Artistic TZ is a film totally standing on its own, and I think it’s only good for shooting outside, in the sun, with some blue sky in the picture.

Artistic Power Lines

About the b&w, I shot a pack last year, but it was expired in 99, and it didn’t really come out at all. On some shots you could see some shapes, but that was about it. Sadly, the b&w film I ordered from PolaPremium is in the same league, but on some shots you can at least recognize something. Not my favorites, that’s for sure.

Parkway Drive

Today I put a pack of expired 669 film in my Automatic 230, and the colors are awesome. Boy I’m glad that I just recently bought two more twin packs of that film.

Summer days

The best part about Roid Week though is the excitement around it. Everyone interested in Polaroid is celebrating this week, either by digging out old shots, or by going out and shooting just for the occasion. Me, I do both, though I don’t really have old shots, just some taken over the last couple of weeks. But I’m also taking a camera with me every day, trying to shoot as many things a day as I can, without getting the feeling I’m wasting film.

Also, fitting with Roid Week, I scored eight twin-packs of expired 664 film. Here’s to some more b&w goodness, and to an awesome Roid Week. Check out the pool for some mind-blowing Polaroid stuff. And keep your Poladroids out of our Roid Week, will ya?


1 thought on “It’s Roid Week!

  1. i stumbled upon your website and i must say…i love your photos!
    i’ve just bought my lomo a few weeks ago and still in the process of learning how to use and what to do with it…
    there’s something in film photography that caught my interest and i’m glad there are blog like yours 🙂
    thanks for the wonderful photos and keep ’em coming 🙂

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