Coffee Tasting

I’ve written about one of my favorite local coffee shops, the “Bonanza Coffee Heroes”, before. On one of the last weekends I went there again, just to discover that the Clover unfortunately is not yet available for public consumption. Too bad, but this time I left my card, and settled for a flat white.

Clover, Clover, Clover

To my big surprise they rang me up last Wednesday to invite me to a coffee tasting they were doing. I immediately cancelled all my mental plans for the day, and jumped on the next tram to taste some awesome Clover coffee. Boy, that was coffee.

Coffee Heroes

They put all kinds of coffee from everywhere into the Clover and their espresso machine. My favorites of the day: Panama Esmeralda from the Clover, and some espresso named something along the lines of “Cherry beans” from the Synesso espresso machine. The latter was so good it will blow your socks right off.

For a special treat one of the guests set up something that looked like from a laboratory to make a different kind of coffee. Unfortunately the first batch wasn’t really good. Some said it tasted like vegetable soup, but it was still interesting to watch. I don’t want to spare you the machinery used, so here you go.

The Coffee Experts

At the end we were all pretty flashed. We had a lot of coffee, and as kind of a finishing drink, I had another flat white. I took a Polaroid on the other side of the street, and I couldn’t really hold the camera steadily. But it was still fun, and I could sleep well at night. Thanks for the invitation, guys, I had a pretty good time.


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