Holga + New York = Awesomeness

For the weekend let me guide you to a small slide show presenting the works by the French photographer Stéphanie de Rougé in the New York Times, who’s also commenting on the photos. She shoots only black and white, and usually overlapping frames. That makes for pretty cool results.

Neat stuff, and I gotta say, New York and the Holga were made for each other. I had good fun with both. I could walk around in New York for days (which we actually did) with just the Holga, and maybe a Polaroid.


Making the Diana+ Fun Again: The Diana+ Instant Back

Now this I like, finally an extension for the Diana+ I can get excited about. For the record, I’m not too fond of the Diana+, I much prefer the Holga, but this makes the Diana+ interesting again. Takes Fuji’s Mini Instax film, and looks outright ugly, but I embrace every alternative to Polaroid I can get my hands on.


Liebes Bisschen

During out trip to Hamburg last week we finally made it to the local cupcake shop, that opened in December. It was actually the last big stop, though not the last of all the meals we had that day.

Liebes Bisschen

The store is very cute, has an open kitchen where you can witness the magic as it happens. They make good coffee and giant lumps of baked cookie dough. Of course they also have cupcakes, but here’s where the disappointment started. The dough was too dry for my taste, and from the taste of it there is cream cheese or something similar in all the frostings. They were all creamy, and had a slightly sour aftertaste. They still make for pretty photos though, but it’s still a little sad. The three of us pretty much had a similar opinion, but we’re all spoiled by Berlin’s cupcake awesomeness.

Liebes Bisschen II

I’m really not sure if we in Berlin are just too spoiled with our genius cupcake shop, but they’re still my favorite. I only have shops in Sydney, Calgary and New York City to compare it to, but it comes out as a clear compared to every single one we’ve been to. Of course Deborah’s cupcakes which she made for our wedding are the only exception, also hand-made with lots of love.

Australia Came To Germany

Our good friends Danielle and Jürgen from Sydney recently moved to Germany, they’re two of the four people who attended our tiny wedding ceremony. Since J has a lot more time now we went out with the train to visit them. Well actually just Danielle, since Jürgen has to work. I know, but someone has to. Which brings back the thought that I spent more time on the train in the last five week than all of last year. I’m not sure weather I should be proud of that or not.

Australia Came To Germany

Anyway, we had a nice day, even though Magdeburg unsurprisingly has a small-town flair to it.

Coffee Tasting

I’ve written about one of my favorite local coffee shops, the “Bonanza Coffee Heroes”, before. On one of the last weekends I went there again, just to discover that the Clover unfortunately is not yet available for public consumption. Too bad, but this time I left my card, and settled for a flat white.

Clover, Clover, Clover

To my big surprise they rang me up last Wednesday to invite me to a coffee tasting they were doing. I immediately cancelled all my mental plans for the day, and jumped on the next tram to taste some awesome Clover coffee. Boy, that was coffee.

Coffee Heroes

They put all kinds of coffee from everywhere into the Clover and their espresso machine. My favorites of the day: Panama Esmeralda from the Clover, and some espresso named something along the lines of “Cherry beans” from the Synesso espresso machine. The latter was so good it will blow your socks right off.

For a special treat one of the guests set up something that looked like from a laboratory to make a different kind of coffee. Unfortunately the first batch wasn’t really good. Some said it tasted like vegetable soup, but it was still interesting to watch. I don’t want to spare you the machinery used, so here you go.

The Coffee Experts

At the end we were all pretty flashed. We had a lot of coffee, and as kind of a finishing drink, I had another flat white. I took a Polaroid on the other side of the street, and I couldn’t really hold the camera steadily. But it was still fun, and I could sleep well at night. Thanks for the invitation, guys, I had a pretty good time.