Different Views

I spent another couple of days in Hamburg, and this time in a way nicer hotel, with a nicer view too. In fact, the view is so nice, I got to enjoy soccer from my hotel room window on Monday night. Local club St.Pauli played and won, and the whole area was abuzz with fans. We had a hard time finding a place to eat because of all the soccer fans, but we managed to find a nice spot, coincidentally the same cafe where we went with Ann-Kathrin when we went to Hamburg for a meeting with a client.

That was my view this week. A giant bunker and the stadium. I can live with that.

This week's view from my hotel room window

Here’s the view from last week’s hotel room, I call it the penthouse. It was on the top floor, but right next to the breakfast room. So I switched the minute after I took the photo. Plus, it had a gross cigarette smell. I landed on the bottom floor, so the view just wasn’t as nice as this.

Last week's view from my hotel room window

A word on the film used for the last shot, it’s the Soft Tone by PolaPremium. I’m not very fond of it to be honest, I prefer the crisp colors and the clear shots I get with the normal Spectra film. But as my motto is “There is no such thing as a wasted Polaroid”, I don’t regret buying and shooting it either.


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