Hamburg, Baby!

Well, I’m back in Hamburg, this time in a nicer hotel in a nicer neighborhood, currently watching the local soccer club St. Pauli play in its own stadium. A nice view to have, even though I’m not into soccer.

Anyway, I’m currently playing with the Polaroid Spectra, even shooting in really bad light, so here’s what I got last week, when Jonathan and I went to one of the shops of the local bakery chain “Dat Backhus”. The architecture of the little building is pretty remarkable, not in a Gaudi kind of way, but it stands out, even among the other buildings, which in Hamburg are usually pretty old-fashioned and pretty.

Chair Closeup

As soon as the last guest left I had Jonathan strike a pose on one of those awesome chairs. The first shot failed since I took it without support of a tripod of some sorts, but for the second one I moved around the furniture until I had a table as a steady tripod. Thankfully noone notice or cared.

The travelling businessman

I brought some more film this week, so I’ll keep up shooting with the Spectra. I’m pretty fond of its sharpness and the colors of the film. I only brought two cameras this time. It’s insane, I know!


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