With Love From a German Hotel Room

Because that’s where I spent all of last week. I went to Hamburg for a business trip, and in all I can only say we picked the wrong hotel. Something we remedied immediately for the trip next week.

I wish I could tell a little bit more, but there’s nothing exciting to report really. I didn’t take that many photos, because it was basically the same way to work every day, and on our way back it was already dark. So yeah, I snapped a couple of Polaroids, and of course I went for the keksofant classic. I didn’t get it right, but whatareyougonnado.

With Love From a Hamburg Hotel Room

Our apartment rearrangements are going smoothly, we switched our bedroom this weekend, and finally get to sleep in the new bed. It’s awesome!


6 thoughts on “With Love From a German Hotel Room

  1. I think this photo is a. very nicely exposed, b. very nicely focused and c. just plain nicely done!
    I hope you will post a photo of the new bedroom look! 🙂
    happy sunday Matt

  2. It’s not a bad hotel per se. Clean rooms and all, but a bit noisy, and the area around it is not as pleasant as you’d wish for. It was the Novum Accord, and now we’re staying at an NH Hotel.

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