Weekend Notes

I hope your weekend is going well. Ours was pretty easy-going. We got our new bed which I had to dis- and reassemble, because the delivery guy assembled it the wrong way. Now there’s money well spent. But yeah, I got a good workout. We won’t just yet sleep in the new bed, because I’m going on a trip tomorrow, and we’ll let the mattresses breathe for a while, but I’m very much looking forward to the first night in the bed.

We also watched “Australia” yesterday. Our Nicole and our Hugh did a nice job making a movie that was sad and funny. It had some “Pearl Harbor” qualities, but it still was a good movie.

Today I watched a talk from TED 2009. If you’re working in a creative field, do yourself a favor and watch Elizabeth Gilbert’s talk on creativity and genius. It’s a very inspiring and also entertaining talk, and will very likely give you a new perspective on creativity.

Dang, I have to start packing soon. I’m going on a business trip to Hamburg, pretty much the only city I’d consider acceptable for business trips. I decided to bring only three cameras, yes, that’s three! My trusty Ricoh GR-D, the Yashica and a Polaroid Spectra. Most of the time I’ll be indoors anyway, and working, so why bother?

Tragkraft: 2000KG

I’m quite happy I’m getting back in the groove with shooting Polaroids, it’s been a while since I shot even one a day. Now it’s sometimes more than that. Not to worry, there’s still enough film in the fridge.

And if you’re wondering: No, we didn’t celebrate valentine’s. We both don’t see any compelling reason why.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Notes

  1. Hi Matt,

    I’ve been pondering how people decide how many cameras and which cameras to take out with them whether it be a photo walk or longer travel. Your post made me think of it again and so I thought I’d ask you how you decide such things!

    Just curious because we are getting ready to travel and I am having a hard deciding which cameras to pack.

    Juli (from Flickr)

  2. It’s pretty simple. I usually take one Polaroid camera, one medium format camera with manual fiddle options, the Holga, and something digital. Now, my wife also usually brings a Polaroid and some other kind of film camera, so it always evens out in the end. What cameras in specific I’m gonna bring really depends on what we’ll be doing. If we’re going to be hiking I obviously won’t bring any big and heavy medium format camera, but just the Holga and a Polaroid, and something smaller like a 35mm film or a digital point & shoot.

    On this upcoming trip I decided to leave out the Holga, because I’d need to be out and about during the day to really enjoy it which won’t really be possible. So I’m just bringing the cameras listed above.

    It was so much easier when I didn’t fancy film 🙂

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