Mr. T And The Sheepskin

I’m just gonna go ahead and say it: Mr. T is a sucker for a comfy nap. We can pretty much all agree on that, and on the fact that naps are awesome. The snugglier the better.

Mr. T and the Sheepskin

With our recent rearrangements and additional IKEA shopping spree purchases, Mr. T found himself a nice new place to nap. The sheepskin we bought obviously had to go on the Eames chair so did Mr. T. That’s the place where you’ll now find him most of the time. He switched from his PolaPremium delivery box which he used to spend all day in. It’s in the kitchen, close to the radiator, what more could a kitten worth its salt wish for? The Eames on the other hand, is not close to a radiator, but the sheepskin is soooo comfortable.


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