The PoGo And Me

All right, I’ve been using the PoGo for about a month now, so I guess it’s time for a little review. Last night I had this crazy idea for a photo to accompany this post, so here you go.


Before I go into any detail, let me just go ahead and say that the PoGo will not replace the look and feel of a real Polaroid. The prints are rather small, and of course they come from a digital camera. So if you want to print photos, scan them, and then post them on Flickr, then let me just ask you: “What?”

Just to have an awesome little camera to go with the PoGo I bought a Ricoh GR-Digital which is now always on my side. Yes, I shoot digital, unbelievable, eh?

The prints coming out of the PoGo make for nice photos to give away, or to stick in some sort of diary. My wife got me the PolaPremium edition of the PoGo which included a Moleskine for just that purpose. So I started sticking prints into it.

Due to a recent lack a inspiration there hasn’t been much material to make prints of, but that will change with the weather getting better. I do love the prints I got though. I gave some to other people as well.

The PoGo printed nicely from the Nikon D80 and from mobile phones. To get it to work with the Ricoh I found a little trick by accident, but the problem seems to be more on the side of the Ricoh and its handling of the PictBridge protocol.

The battery life is shit. Before you know it, you’re out of juice. Ten, maybe fifteen prints tops. If it’s cold outside it gets worse. In this situation it helps a little to let the PoGo warm up, either when you’re inside or e.g. when you put it in your hands, but in general the battery drains faster when it’s cold.

Printing black and white pictures gets okay quality, but sometimes the prints turn out a little purple in some places. In general the colors look pretty nice, not always like on the real photo, but it’s Polaroid, a little color shift never hurt anyone, right?

The PoGo is my new companion, and I take it everywhere with me, well, everywhere I’m taking my backpack. If you want an easy way to get instant prints when you’re on the go, the PoGo is for you. A pack of the prints does set you back about $5, but it gets cheaper when you buy more at once. I stocked up at PolaPremium with my last film order, so I should be set for the whole year.

Though at first the Polaroid fan in me was rather skeptical about it, I quickly warmed up with the fact that it’s not a replacement, but more of a gadget for the times when I turn to digital cameras. Given the forthcoming offspring that actually might happen more often from then on.


12 thoughts on “The PoGo And Me

  1. Hey what scanner are you using to scan in your photos? I’m just loving those scans :-] (On the side note, myself trying to find a scanner under $75 that does good scans.)

  2. I also own a PoGo and agree that it will never replace the look and feel of Polaroids. Fortunately for us, Polaroid film is STILL available and will continue to be manufactured through a mission called The Impossible Project which will start production of integral film in early 2010.

    In the meantime, Polaroid film, as well as media paper and albums for PoGo printer prints can be found at Adesso Albums:

  3. I – thanks for the review. I am very interested in your trick to connect to the Ricoh. I have a Ricoh GRII and it does not seem to work. Too bad, since that was just the reason for buying the Pogo.
    Thanks in advance!

  4. When you connect the camera to the printer, and turn on the printer, then (at least on the GR-D) the green light starts to blink, and soon after it says “Connecting…” on the screen, as soon as that pops up you need to press the Adjust key and keep it pressed until the last image pops up on the screen. Then you can select an image with Adjust and simply print it. Weird workaround, but it works on the GR-D.

  5. Another vote of thanks for the GRD tip (I have a GRD2). My Pogo arrived about an hour ago and I was disappointed that I couldn’t get it to work (though it was fine with another camera). Found your site 15 minutes later, and all is well! I kind of like the lo-fi “quality” of the prints.

  6. Hi, I had the same problem as Kai. Bought a PoGo to work with my GRD II but now way. After a few disapointing minutes I found your description on the web!!! Great job thanks for posting your workaround to support the remaining Ricoh community – Ricoh should pay you for that 😉

    Greetings from Vienna


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