Different Views

I spent another couple of days in Hamburg, and this time in a way nicer hotel, with a nicer view too. In fact, the view is so nice, I got to enjoy soccer from my hotel room window on Monday night. Local club St.Pauli played and won, and the whole area was abuzz with fans. We had a hard time finding a place to eat because of all the soccer fans, but we managed to find a nice spot, coincidentally the same cafe where we went with Ann-Kathrin when we went to Hamburg for a meeting with a client.

That was my view this week. A giant bunker and the stadium. I can live with that.

This week's view from my hotel room window

Here’s the view from last week’s hotel room, I call it the penthouse. It was on the top floor, but right next to the breakfast room. So I switched the minute after I took the photo. Plus, it had a gross cigarette smell. I landed on the bottom floor, so the view just wasn’t as nice as this.

Last week's view from my hotel room window

A word on the film used for the last shot, it’s the Soft Tone by PolaPremium. I’m not very fond of it to be honest, I prefer the crisp colors and the clear shots I get with the normal Spectra film. But as my motto is “There is no such thing as a wasted Polaroid”, I don’t regret buying and shooting it either.


Hamburg, Baby!

Well, I’m back in Hamburg, this time in a nicer hotel in a nicer neighborhood, currently watching the local soccer club St. Pauli play in its own stadium. A nice view to have, even though I’m not into soccer.

Anyway, I’m currently playing with the Polaroid Spectra, even shooting in really bad light, so here’s what I got last week, when Jonathan and I went to one of the shops of the local bakery chain “Dat Backhus”. The architecture of the little building is pretty remarkable, not in a Gaudi kind of way, but it stands out, even among the other buildings, which in Hamburg are usually pretty old-fashioned and pretty.

Chair Closeup

As soon as the last guest left I had Jonathan strike a pose on one of those awesome chairs. The first shot failed since I took it without support of a tripod of some sorts, but for the second one I moved around the furniture until I had a table as a steady tripod. Thankfully noone notice or cared.

The travelling businessman

I brought some more film this week, so I’ll keep up shooting with the Spectra. I’m pretty fond of its sharpness and the colors of the film. I only brought two cameras this time. It’s insane, I know!

With Love From a German Hotel Room

Because that’s where I spent all of last week. I went to Hamburg for a business trip, and in all I can only say we picked the wrong hotel. Something we remedied immediately for the trip next week.

I wish I could tell a little bit more, but there’s nothing exciting to report really. I didn’t take that many photos, because it was basically the same way to work every day, and on our way back it was already dark. So yeah, I snapped a couple of Polaroids, and of course I went for the keksofant classic. I didn’t get it right, but whatareyougonnado.

With Love From a Hamburg Hotel Room

Our apartment rearrangements are going smoothly, we switched our bedroom this weekend, and finally get to sleep in the new bed. It’s awesome!

I Met Someone

No, it’s not what you think. We walked around for a little bit last Saturday, picked up some tools at the hardware store, and walked around the farmer’s market, where most sellers where already packing up. On stand in particular caught my eye. They sell grandma clothes, and even though those don’t look very nice, the neatly stacked boxes sure caught my eye.

Banana, banana!

I was about to get out my camera and snap the photo when I saw someone else taking a photo, with a film camera. Now that’s always a plus. I pulled out my SX-70 and unfolded it, and the guy immediately recognized it, and we got to talking.

I love it when that happens. He has two SX-70 cameras, and I’m guessing a lot of other film cameras too, because that’s just how we roll.

Weekend Notes

I hope your weekend is going well. Ours was pretty easy-going. We got our new bed which I had to dis- and reassemble, because the delivery guy assembled it the wrong way. Now there’s money well spent. But yeah, I got a good workout. We won’t just yet sleep in the new bed, because I’m going on a trip tomorrow, and we’ll let the mattresses breathe for a while, but I’m very much looking forward to the first night in the bed.

We also watched “Australia” yesterday. Our Nicole and our Hugh did a nice job making a movie that was sad and funny. It had some “Pearl Harbor” qualities, but it still was a good movie.

Today I watched a talk from TED 2009. If you’re working in a creative field, do yourself a favor and watch Elizabeth Gilbert’s talk on creativity and genius. It’s a very inspiring and also entertaining talk, and will very likely give you a new perspective on creativity.

Dang, I have to start packing soon. I’m going on a business trip to Hamburg, pretty much the only city I’d consider acceptable for business trips. I decided to bring only three cameras, yes, that’s three! My trusty Ricoh GR-D, the Yashica and a Polaroid Spectra. Most of the time I’ll be indoors anyway, and working, so why bother?

Tragkraft: 2000KG

I’m quite happy I’m getting back in the groove with shooting Polaroids, it’s been a while since I shot even one a day. Now it’s sometimes more than that. Not to worry, there’s still enough film in the fridge.

And if you’re wondering: No, we didn’t celebrate valentine’s. We both don’t see any compelling reason why.