My Secret To A Great Béchamel Sauce

Alright, it’s not exactly a secret, but I got your attention right?

Personally I’ve found simple Béchamel sauces to be rather boring. Sure you can add some nutmeg and stuff, but to really make it a good one I’ve found three ways to improve it.

First: Add Gorgonzola. Holy crap, there’s so much taste in it, that’ll last until Christmas. It’ll gently melt in the sauce, and the result will make an awesome fit for spinach gratin or just a simple pasta sauce.

Second: Add loads of Parmesan, and I really mean loads.Think you added enough? Add some more. It takes quite a lot of it for the sauce to pick up the taste, but it’s so worth it. Great for pasta too. Of course, grated parmesan goes on top.

Third: I’ve just tried this one recently. Fry mushrooms in a pan, and add them to the finished Béchamel. Blend it until the mushrooms are completely shredded. Awesome for spinach gratin as well.

Now go and make a gratin like I’m doing right now. Of course, with spinach and pasta.


4 thoughts on “My Secret To A Great Béchamel Sauce

  1. how’s the spinach gratin? that sound really well… how is it? boiled pasta, boiled spinach all together in a oven pan with the special bechamel on top?

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