A Year in Film

The year is coming to a close, and I finally managed to file all the film I shot over the last 16 months. Whereas 2007 I started out slow, I went up to full speed in 2008. I counted about 120 rolls of film, 84 of which are roll film. Clear winner, if you ask me.

Seriously, 120 film has rather grown on me. I’m fond of the format, and of the cameras, especially the Holga. It has become my favorite camera. Anyone who has shot with it will understand for sure. Its low-finess, the constraints of having just one shutter and one aperture setting, the greatness of roll film, it’s all good. If you haven’t picked one up yet, I’d highly recommend doing so. Nothing cheaper out there that gives photos such a distinctive quality.

I’ve grown very fond of film over the last 12 months. I’ve tried about 30 different types of it, in both 135 or 120 sizes. I’ve learned to love the Polaroid Spectra, and peel-apart film.

Of course, the saddest part on the whole Polaroid business is the shutting-down of all production of film. It did make for an awful start into the year, and caused a major hoarding in our household. Half our fridge is now filled with Polaroid film, good thing we bought a new one in April. But that’s it. If that’s all gone, it’s over.

and so it begins

Okay, not exactly. There’s still Fuji making excellent peel apart film, and who knows, maybe someone will pick up integral film as well. But I won’t think about that just now. I’m just glad I still have heaps of film to use on the forthcoming German.

It’s been a good year, and I’ve discovered that there’s more to photography than just pointing and shooting, it’s just so much fun. The downside of it all was that my camera cabinet filled up quickly with new cameras and accessories, and ebay became my new best friend to find more stuff. Plus there’s more and more film in the fridge. But I can live with that.

Have a safe trip to 2009, friends!


A Year Of Flickr Moments

A Year Of Flickr Moments

2008 has been a great year, in so many ways. We got married in Sydney, eloping both parents and friends. They were a little mad of course, but not that much.

But even better, we travelled around quite a bit, and met so many awesome people. All through the magic that is Flickr. They have been nothing but nice to us, and I would recommend each and everyone of them as a must-meet on your next world tour.

Friends, we can’t thank you enough for having us in your home, for guiding us around your hometown, or for generally agreeing to meet up with us. It was great meeting you all.

A Black and White Polaroid Love Affair

I don’t know if it’s the season or just my recent embracing of black and white film, but I took some photos with my Polaroid Automatic 230 and some Polaroid 664 film, and my word, I love it.

Gold lion Wheel of Mayhem

The film even works nicely with overcast weather, maybe it works even better with it then with sunny weather. I got the recommendation to use an orange filter when the sun’s out. I might just have to try that.

Tristesse Jeepers

I might just try the Fuji FP-100 C, though apparently a company reached an agreement with Polaroid, and they’re going to continue making the 664, 667 and 125i films.

I’m looking forward to give the specially made chocolate, sepia and blue films from PolaPremium a go. Should be arriving in the mail shortly, together with lots of food for the PoGo, of which I’ll post a review soon.

Polaroid SX-70 Love

Alison posted this on Facebook, and for the SX-70 fan it’s a must-see. Made by Charles and Ray Eames, it’s a ten-minute long ad for it. It even talks about the technology used in the film, and how the camera works. You get freaky music, and learn a little. Now there’s something we can all enjoy.