My Little Bergen Love Affair

It’s no secret that Bergen is one of the prettiest little cities in the world, if not the universe. Luckily, through the magic that is Flickr, we have friends there, who are let us stay in their apartment twice already. Once last summer, and the other sleepover was last weekend. Basically our last trip somewhere before the number of family members increases next year.

The Story of the Golden Dwarf Basic Elements of a Norwegian Household
Sun! A Tribute to Sølve

The lovely Astrid and her hubby Sølve (a real hoot I’m telling you) make for some excellent hosts. And they have a pretty home which is just excellent for some good Polaroid action. If there’s sun of course. Last summer, during our first trip, there was no sunny weather worth mentioning. Maybe an hour or so one day. I’m not complaining about it. If you go to Bergen, you should be well aware that rain can come and go as quick as the craving for a cupcake. Of course we brought several of the latter, so that wasn’t really a problem.

While we had a cloudy day with some rain on Saturday, Sunday turned out to be glorious. Just like our wedding day (which the weather forecast entitled as being glorious in March), but with 30 degrees less. And wind, my gosh, the wind was mind-blowing (literally). We drove out to the sea to do some serious photo action, whilst Sølve did his best to keep himself busy on the telephone.

Of course I also made the Flickr-famous risotto. And I’m gonna blog the recipe as soon as I put together a reproducible version. We also met this little fella, not knowing what he would mean for the weekend.

Guess Who We Met

We spent the nights watching the original Star Wars trilogy. Unfortunately only in the digitally remastered version, but I hadn’t seen the old movies in English yet, so I could live with that.

I also researched the history of Norwegian Black Metal, but that’s an entirely different story.

We sure had an excellent time there, and even though Norway is slightly more expensive than the average Europe, I’d highly recommend paying a visit to this beautiful country. Bergen even has an incredible used camera store, amazingly we went in and I went out with the same amount of cameras I had when we entered. Yes, I didn’t buy anything. Amazing, huh? I guess it’s slightly because J. said that my camera nerdism is getting slightly more annoying than my computer geekery. Go figure.


8 thoughts on “My Little Bergen Love Affair

  1. A. I’m glad you got to watch star wars in the english version
    B. I went to the original star wars as a child. It was very exciting.
    C. I am so glad you guys had a good time and sunshine.

  2. norwegian black metal… do tell.
    i only ask because i strangely enough read a few articles recently regarding this very subject.
    strange eh?

  3. I’m on it, lottie 🙂

    Claire, I just suddenly become very interested in the topic. It’s Norway, it’s dark out, what are you gonna do? Research black metal of course. I’d recommend looking into Burzum.

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