Yes You Did!

Yes You Did!

Thank you, America, for doing what the sign said. It was the first thing I heard on the radio when the alarm went off. I was literally woken up by the news that Barack Obama won the election.

It felt like the world had become a slightly better place over night. Call me a wimp, but I found myself close to tears when I watched his speech over breakfast.


4 thoughts on “Yes You Did!

  1. you’re welcome matt! i’m pretty sure i’ve never been this proud to be american. also, i’ve cried about five times since tuesday. it’s not wimpy at all.

  2. WOOT! 🙂

    (I spent most of the night crying as I watched the returns come in. I couldn’t afford (emotionally) to be too optimistic, given what happened last time. So the surprise of the landslide was just overwhelming.)

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