Let’s Go To The Flea Market!

Every Sunday there’s a flea market right around our corner. We used to live directly on the open space where hundreds of people squeeze through dozens of stands. Back then it was rather annoying. There’s also the farmer’s market on Saturdays, and the place is usually pretty noisy too. The only time you got to enjoy a really quiet day was a public holiday, and unfortunately these don’t happen very often.

Flea market III Flea market II
Flea market Flea market IV

We didn’t move very far away, in fact only about 100 meters by air, but it’s a lot quieter around here, and we get to take in the flea market when we want. Which is not too often I’m afraid. I don’t recall us ever buying something there. I’m not too unhappy about that though, since I would have no idea where to put things anyway.

From time to time you can spot a Polaroid camera, but they’re usually way overpriced. At one point I had to explain to a guy selling a Spectra in good condition for a rather unattractive price that he can actually still get film for it. Haven’t seen it again since.

It’s not the best flea market, but it’s good enough to walk around, look at things, and take some photos.


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