Polaroid Love

We have a big box full of Polaroid, and due to the big stash of film still in our fridge, they’re only getting more. About time to do something about it, and actually put the best shots up somewhere.

J. took the challenge and put some serious Polaroid love up on our bedroom wall.

Mostly her pictures for now, since a mix and match between Spectra and 600 (which I have used mostly over the last year) shots wouldn’t look that good, but it’s a start. Plus, there’s still other walls that need to be plastered with something.


4 thoughts on “Polaroid Love

  1. Looks great, Matt! I just deconstructed my Polaroid wall. Something about an irrational fear of my house catching fire… I’m already missing it though.

  2. Carolyn, it’s just normal one-sided scotch tape. Apparently my wife’s skills to use these to put stuff on the wall are far more advanced than anyone else’s.

    Steph, there’s a lot of things in our house that could catch fire. Fortunately these are up on a brick wall, so they’re the least of our worries.

  3. hi matt! lovely wall!! :)) i also have polas everywhere in my flat, but not with the heart shape yet..great idea ;))

    and love your blog! my first time visiting, will definitely bookmark it!

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