Paper Cameras

…is the name of the new blog recently opened by my friend Amanda, living in Sydney and one of the awesome people participating in the “For The Love Of Light” book project.

With it, she wants to encourage people to shoot more film which is obviously very fitting with my affinity to analog photography. As an ongoing special for Fall Roid Week she portraits several Polaroid photographers, and I had the honor of being included. Go check it out, and keep an eye on that blog.

To keep up with the spirit of Roid Week I went for a nice lunch walk to give the newest addition to my camera collection, a Polaroid Spectra Pro, a test drive. What’s cool about it is the manual shutter timing and multiple exposure. Other than that it’s pretty much like your normal Spectra camera.

Pretty annoying is the fact that the flash is always on by default, in fact it resets every setting to its default. Every time you pop open the camera the flash is charged. Very annoying, especially when you want to take a quick shot. I only realized it after the second shot with it and until then, no harm done.

I walked around the government district and some of the city center, and snapped a few shots. These wires especially caught my eye. Something mysterious about them.


It’s so weird trying to guess focus and distance with the Spectra cameras, but it’s good fun.

Tomorrow I’ll take a pack film camera for a spin. Roid Week is a good opportunity to walk all the cameras at least for one day. I need to do more lunch walks again too.


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