Fall Roid Week 2008

It’s on!

Last year was my first Roid Week, and I only put in a few Polaroids at that time. The next one in April already was something entirely different, and I got to feel the amazing passion and creativity that the Flickr Polaroid community has. A lot of them were sad about the doom of Polaroid, but they still put their best work into that week. It just blows my mind what these people can do with their cameras.

So, here we go again. I still have enough Polaroid film in my fridge, and lots of new cameras added to my collection since April. Time to take them all for a spin me thinks.

My wife and I started off our unofficial Roid Week with two Polaroids that would sort of announce to the Flickr world that we’re expecting, and that they can expect lots and lots of baby Polaroids from next April on.

Tiny shoes to fill

Our friend Hannah from Kansas City sent us these awesome mini Vans slip-ons. All we need now is a skateboard, and an actual kid to put them both to use.

In case you need some inspiration for Roid Week, check out these talented people:

The collective amount of talent is mind-boggling. Be sure to check them out. Lots of excellent stuff to see there.

Tomorrow I’ll get to try the Polaroid Image Pro I got off ebay a while ago. Manual shutter, double exposures, lots of stuff to play with!


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