I’m Famous in China

Well, sort of. A few months ago a write of the Chinese magazine Homeland contacted me through Flickr, and asked if they could put one of my pictures on their cover. I though, why not? Getting on a magazine cover without even being famous or a model? Why, yes!

Now, I didn’t get anything out of really, no money or anything, but honestly, I don’t care that much. I’m very happy to have even been considered.

breakfast with myself

Here’s the cover in its full glory:


Originally they wanted to go for a different photo, but I can live with this one, especially because it has the old-school photography book on it. East-German classic.

There’s two full pages with more of my photos, and some text which I can only hope, resembles the interview I gave them.

The magazine looks pretty nice design-wise, and is printed on really cool paper. I’d recommend checking it out, but unless you’re in China in the next weeks, that might not work out for you.

I’m imagining millions of Chinese people googling my name right now.


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